I have a huge passion for making lyrics and singing songs that shows vulnerability -- it's the best way to make an impact in someone's life. if we can find a way to improve each other we might as well make it into a catchy tune!

Turn Volume up to hear!

You tell yourself over and over that you’ll make it but…you never do. You watch your world fall apart as you come to terms with yourself. You build up your emotions… to the point of being incredibly overwhelmed.. You learn to yell at the sky, cry in the shower, and to brush off your knees when you fall down. You create a new world for yourself and it makes this world a little bit stronger than your last.

You shut your eyes to tune out the weight on your shoulders. You try to live your whole life oblivious to your problems.. you become good at it. You never grew as a person and those problems become more damaging to your mental health. For the first time in a long time… You learn to listen.

Abusive relationships can come in any shape of form…and they leech on your identity and form it as their own. You start to lose yourself… piece by piece… not remember who you were before they came. You hoped that the promises of happiness would keep your bare bones warm…but… you never stopped shivering.